How to Choose Men’s Tungsten Wedding Bands

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  • December 01, 2018

Whether you are a man looking for a ring for yourself or a woman looking for a wedding ring for your fiancé, there are certain things which need to be kept in mind while buying a ring for men. It is after all, a once in a life-time occasion and should be given its due consideration.


A wedding ring is precious, not only because of its price tag but also because of its sentimental value. Why should you have to part with it and risk losing it by having to take it off regularly? Men who work in environments that can corrode of damage their wedding rings are especially suited for a Tungsten Carbide ring. The ring is less likely to be damaged by far and will retain its shine even after years of wear and tear.

Brushed Men’s Tungsten Wedding Bands


A man’s personality should match the kind of adjectives you would use to describe his ring. This is true not only for the ring’s color but also other attributes like the metals used in the ring, the gemstones set in it or even its thickness. Different colors of the ring or the gemstones are of course an important consideration when selecting the ring. Different men may prefer different styles. While some like it loud, bold and flashy, others might want to go for something more conservative or sober. Tungsten rings are great for the modern men who are born and brought up in the age of technology and innovation, especially if they are tech-savvy themselves.


While this isn’t something which one may like to think of as a positive consideration, it is still one of the most important parameters that will decide what you purchase. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a diamond ring. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to limit your options or leave you with something that you aren’t satisfied with. Tungsten rings come in such a large variety that there is always one for everyone. You can of course go for something a little easier on your current budget and then ‘upgrade’ the rings in a few years when you feel you can spend a little more. This will also give you more time to save for that perfect ring that you always wanted for yourself or the person whom you love the most.

Gold Plated Men’s Tungsten Wedding Bands


While each person’s ring should be a statement of their individuality, let’s not forget what these rings actually signify – the eternal union of two people. Hence, the bride and groom’s rings should go well together. While they do not need to be exact replicas or necessarily be purchased together as a set, they should at least have a few characteristics in common and bear some resemblance to one another. Characteristics which can be considered for a good match are the choice of metal, color of the band, intricacy, studded gemstone, width, engraving etc.

Culture & Religion

While a marriage is something than transcends religious and cultural boundaries, it often has strong ties to both. Such religious and cultural beliefs hold different values to different people and should be taken into consideration when purchasing a ring for them. Engraving is a great idea in case you feel the need to personalize a ring as per your own beliefs.


When purchasing Tungsten rings, this is a very important step as these rings cannot be resized easily once made. Since a wedding ring is something which you are going to be wearing for the rest of your lives, it becomes all the more important to have it in a size which is comfortable for you. Fortunately, any jeweler would be able to measure and give you your precise size.