How to Identify Tungsten Carbide Jewelry?

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  • December 01, 2018

tungsten carbide jewelry is more and more popular, and the quality of tungsten carbide jewelry on the market is uneven. According to years of experience in the production of tungsten carbide jewelry, tungsten jewelry manufacturer YIBI jewelry summarizes the following four methods to judge the authenticity of tungsten carbide jewelry for your reference.

Discriminate from weight

If you wear it lightly, you can usually tell that it is not made of tungsten carbide. This method is also called density identification method because the density of tungsten carbide is much higher than titanium, stainless steel, germanium, and other accessories material density. Very texture when wearing, also rich in heavy metal feeling. All in all, tungsten carbide jewelry is very qualitative and feels heavy.

gold plated tungsten carbide jewelry

Discriminate from hardness

Tungsten carbide can hardly be worn. If you use a tool such as a blade or a rake to force the surface of a tungsten carbide jewelry, there will be no scratches. Because the hardness of tungsten carbide is between 8 and 9M (the international Mohs hardness standard), it is close to the hardness of natural diamonds (10M), which is equivalent to twice that of stainless steel, three times that of gold, and four times that of titanium. Some reporters have personally experimented with a fruit knife on the surface of tungsten carbide for a number of times, and indeed there is not even a small scratch. You can hit the surface with a hard object such as an iron brush or a blade. The actual tungsten steel jewelry will not crack or scratch (except for the professional cutting tungsten carbide)

Discriminate from time

Tungsten carbide jewelry which has a bright black metal color, and has a strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, even after special processing, in normal use, still bright as before. Under normal circumstances, wearing will not produce oxidation, fading, fragmentation, skin allergy and so on. If your tungsten carbide jewelry after wearing for a period of time, the surface oxidation appears rust, or produce marble grain, fade, black. Then, you probably can discriminate that the tungsten carbide of your jewelry is pure or mixed with other elements. Because the tungsten carbide has non-wear, non-fading characteristics, as well as excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, no matter how long wear, will not darken, that is, gloss will not change easily.

How to Identify Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

Discriminate from appearance

The first three points are mainly to understand how tungsten carbide jewelry is made of tungsten carbide. The last point is mainly to share with you how to discriminate high-grade tungsten carbide jewelry. The price of a "same" tungsten carbide jewellery with a material and style may range from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars. The main difference is the workmanship and details. If it is a high-grade tungsten carbide jewelry, no matter which angle you look at, the color is evenly cold silver, like a mirror (the effect of the polished surface, the matte surface does not). Moreover, the refracting power is very good, and no impurities or even tiny pinholes are visible. In addition, the curvature of the edge of the jewelry is also very smooth and flawless.

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